Dry Product Processing

How is Dry Product Processing Done on A Drum Dryer?

Dry product produced by drying on the steam heated drums of a drum dryer is usually conveyed, cooled, sized, screened, accumulated and stored for packaging, and finally filled into a commercial package for sale. The Drum Drying Resources basic dry product processing and packaging system describes the elements of the equipment and operations dedicated to accomplish this objective after the drum drying process. Discussion Dry product leaving a drum dryer is hot due to the drying process and usually of random sized pieces as it is scraped from the drying rolls into an accumulating conveyor. Product specifications usually call for a uniformly sized product flake, particle, or powder form and cooled to ambient temperature for proper storage and packaging. Also, variations in the final product characteristics due to the formulation and processing of the product slurry may occur. This requires the accumulation and blending of various segments of the dryer production to yield a more uniform final product. You can read more in our DDR Techinical Bulletin – DDR 16 by clicking here to download the pdf file in convenient Adobe Reader pdf format.