What kind of products and materials can I process on a drum dryer?

  1. Chemicals including Polymers (paints and pigments included)
  2. Corn Mash and Ethanol waste
  3. Fish Guts – can be used in fertilizers
  4. Algae
  5. Bio Diesel  By-products
  6. Foods, Fruits and Vegetables
  7. Spent Grains
Fruit Pulps/Juices  Soups  Vegetables  Mixes/Flour 
Apple Asparagus Beans (Green) Biscuit
Apricot Beef Bone Beans (Dry) Cereal (Infant)
Banana Chicken Broth Mexican Beans Corn Flour
Coconut Mushroom (consommé) Beets Corn Starch
Cranberries Pea Carrots Flour Mixes
Mango Poultry Broth Corn Flour (Rice)
Orange Juice Tomato Peas Flour (Oat)
Papaya Vegetable Pepper Puree Oats
Peach Potatoes (mashed) Oatmeal
Prune Juice Potatoes (sweet) Rye Slurry
Strawberry Juice Pumpkin Starch
Tomato Pulp Tapioca
Turnip Wheat


Meats, Fish, Eggs  Milk Products  Other 
Beef Buttermilk Animal Feed
Clams Cheese Fish Food
Fish Slurry Cottage Cheese Brewer’s Yeast
Shrimp Milk
Pork Milk (condensed)
Veal Milk w/chocolate
Egg Mixes Whey
Egg Whites
Egg Yolks


View or print out Technical Bulletin for a printable list click here.