We are a US Company specializing as a procurement agent for used drum dryers and we are a manufacturer and builder of new drum drying equipment. We can provide new, used and rebuilt single drum dryer or double drum dryers and food and pharmaceuticals processing and drying equipment.  Our custom drum drying engineering services and retrofitting techniques allow us to rebuild or design new single drum dryers or double drum dryers or the ancillary systems for your single drum dryer or double drum dryer equipment, unique to your specific needs. Please contact us today to inquire about a drum dryer system that meets the needs of your manufacturing facility.

We have an extensive list of available used equipment including double drum dryers and single drum dryers inventory, peripheral,  rebuilt and refurbished food processing equipment.


Used Equipment Listings – to view click here.


Email us at [email protected] or give owner David Johnson  a call at 231-924-1000.