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Sold! Ready to Install Double Drum Dryer Available Now

42 X 120 Double Drum Dryer Ready Now!

Available ready to go 42″ x 120” double drum dryer. This dryer was built by Drum Drying Resources for a large company. The project was cancelled. This dryer was never used. Update: Sold 2016.

Description: Newly chrome plated used drums, drums are rated for 150 psi steam pressure, National Board numbers are available with all reports. The frames that are exposed to the product zone are stainless steel skinned for sanitation. This dryer has a lot of new items, stainless steel hood with slurry distribution system, hood exhaust fan, independent drum drives, stainless steel screw conveyors with cross conveyor, stainless steel take away rolls, stainless steel product diversion shields, complete steam system with rotary valves, traps and steam regulating valve all piped, stainless steel knife blade holders, pneumatic operators control box, the hood, knife blades and end dams are all pneumatically operated, main electrical panel with VFD’s and controls all wired, operators electric panel. All electrical is set up for 480 V, 3 phase, 60 hz.

Contact Dave at 231-924-1000 for more information and pricing.