Drum Dryers on Facebook

It’s time. Facebook has become such an icon for this era, and the social media giant that we all know it to be. So… Drum Dryers should be there too. In an effort to lead the way, Drum Drying Resources has joined the ranks and created a face book page where they will be sharing photos of the latest drum drying processing equipment. You will find images of the latest stainless steel drum dryer frames, pilot plant pictures as well images of drum dryers as they are being used for food processing, pharmaceuticals, polymers and more.  Please find us at www.facebook.com/drumdryers

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Saving an old Drum Dryer

Just take a  look at these before and after pictures of the refurbishing process for drum drying equipment. the pictures speak for themselves! Contact us and see how we can save you a lot of money if you purchase one of our rebuilt systems. We would also like to give you an estimate on rebuilding or retrofitting existing  drum dryer(s) or  other processing equipment you might have at your facility. Let us help you by providing your equipment a little TLC. Click on the image for larger view or visit our Retrofitting Page click here.

Rebuilding a drum dryer before and after
Before and After Refurbishing Process - Single Drum Dryer

Pardon Our Dust!

We are in the middle of launching our new WordPress Website for Drum Drying Resources.  Please be patient and “pardon our dust” while we move over to the new web pages.  Thank you!

Used Equipment Catalog

Used Drum Dryers  and Drum Drying Equipment

Our inventory of used and refurbished drum dryers and ancillary  equipment changes all of the time. If you do not see what you are looking for in our Drum Drying Equipment Classifieds Section, please email me, Dave Johnson, at [email protected]. You may also call me at (231) 924-1000.  I look forward to being able to help you procure the equipment that meets your needs.

Rebuilding a drum dryer before and after
Before and After Refurbishing Process – Single Drum Dryer

Other Drum Drying Equipment

At DDR we rebuild dryers or retrofit  existing dryers. Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the best machines and systems for your products. We also focus on the other equipment you may need; the peripheral equipment needed.

New Drum Dryer Blog

Dave Johnson and Carlos Erbach of Drum Drying Resources announced today that they will be publishing a Drum Dryer News and Information Blog on WordPress.  The Drum Dryer News will address what is new in the world of Drum Drying and Food Processing.