Drum Dryers & Room Ventilation

Optimum Operating Conditions for Drum Dryers

Optimum operating conditions for your food or pharmaceutical drum dryers, or any other type of drum drying process, is important.

Humidity in the dryer room can cause undesirable condensation on ceilings and walls. The walls and ceilings should have an insulating valve, high enough to insulate the interior room surfaces from cooler outside temperatures and prevent the water vapors from condensing. Each dryer room should be evaluated and designed to specifications which take into account the physical operating conditions of the drum dryer, the product being produced, the interior room environmental conditions, and the exterior plant environmental conditions.

The drum dryer must operate in a uniform controlled environment in order to produce a uniform controlled product. Variations in humidity, temperature, and air currents in the dryer room can affect the overall productivity of the drying process, the stability of the gap between the dryer drums, the percent of moisture in the final product, and other factors related to the drying process. A qualified ventilation engineer should establish the dryer room ventilation conditions and specifications for a particular production installation.

Drum Drying Resources can provide data and review the recommendations for conformance to proper conditions for drum drying. Drum Drying Resources supplies new, rebuilt, and retrofitted Double Drum Dryers to the drying industry. Each dryer is configured to specific designs, specifications, and systems to produce your product at maximum quality, sanitation, and productivity levels.

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