What Does a Drum Dryer do?

Operating Principle of a Single or Double Drum Dryer

A drum dryer is basically a conduction dryer. A wet feed film (in liquid or paste form) is applied to a rotating metal cylinder or a pair of metallic cylinders, that are heated inside with steam. Material film dries to the final moisture level and is scraped off the drums via a set of knife-blades.

Special Features of a Drum Dryer:
  • Suitable for handling liquid or pasty feeds.
  • Product in powdery, flaky form.
  • Uniform drying due to uniform application of film.
  • Medium range capacities.
  • Very High thermal efficiency.
  • Minimum Thermal degradation.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Accomplishment of drying in single step, eliminating need for any intermediate concentration processes.

Paraffin wax, Clay, fire clay, plaster slag, incinerating and composing refuse, waste products, residue and sewage sludge, agricultural products , greenstuffs, grain, root vegetables, etc.

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