A Pilot Plant can be very useful from a financial or timing perspective, when you’re ready to test any new food product that can be processed on a drum dryer.

We also have the capability of test drying pharmaceuticals and chemicals such as polymers, suited  to drum drying on single drum dryers or double drum dryers.
Example of a Pilot Plant - image

In a Pilot Plant, you can:

•    Do testing that will allow both of our teams to watch your product go through the entire system.
•    See your product made into slurry, and then pumped over to our dryer.
•    Observe what your product does in the puddle or determine what level of slurry is required in the puddle.
•    Observe how your product comes off the drum and the knife blade.
•    Observe what your product does in the screw conveyors through a flaker.
•    Determine if the product can be air conveyed.
•    Observe what the reaction is in the bag house before it comes out the rotary valve to a package.
•    Perform additional product observation.
•    Decide if additional sizing is necessary for the final product version.

With the valuable information compiled in a pilot plant, we can better help you by designing and building the right dryer with the right systems for your product or products. A pilot plant also allows us to develop and test new drum dryer concepts that will benefit you, the customer. Drum dryers are utilized  across many industries such as at food, chemical, pharmaceuticaland other similar companies,  to test foods, chemicals and other products.  We have procedures and testing regulations in place to assure that food products are not tested on the same drum dryers as chemical or pharmaceutical products by utilizing separate pilot plant locations.

We can do testing in the following areas:
  • Food drying and food processing
  • Pharmaceutical or Nutraceutical products suited to drum drying

Please  email us or give us a call at 231-924-1000 for more information regarding setting up a  pilot plant or to talk about equipment available through Drum Drying Resources.